Inspiration Through Paintings And Colours

wallHere at NB Yarns, we look for inspiration everywhere.  In paintings, drawings, books, films, and colours – there’s always somewhere to look to get inspired.  I remember the first time I learned how to knit.  I wanted to learn because I had seen a wall mural on the side of a building in the city and for some reason, I just needed to make that come alive.  Well, instead of painting a set and designing it, knitting was much easier, quicker, and more fun.  I learned to knit the different colours on the mural and eventually took up knitting for fun.  Those Toronto painters led me to have an amazing imagination and inspired me to do more arts and crafts such as drawing, painting, and  knitting.

You can be inspired anywhere, and you don’t have to be an amazing artist in order to produce art.  Art is completely objective and can be seen differently by everyone.  One painting might look like nothing to someone but be a complete inspiration to someone else.  Same with knitting – perhaps a tie dye scarf is something you would never wear but might be gorgeous to a friend or family member of yours.  It’s very hard to judge what can be described as “good” art because in my opinion, all art can be good.  It’s the passion behind it that is important.

I remember painting my new house and thinking maybe I could do something creative with the walls.  I hired House painters and they not only transformed my walls but also completely transformed my house.  I had a plain beige wall to begin with and they had transformed my house into a gorgeous cottage style home with just a few creative designs.  This just shows that through using art and paintings, you can find inspiration anywhere.