Don’t Hire a Duct Cleaning Contractor Until They’ve Answered These Questions

There are good reasons to get your air ducts cleaned. That’s not my opinion – those are the words of Mike Holmes, home renovation expert and hardcore skeptic of the wild claims some contractors make.

According to Mike, duct cleaning is a good idea when:

  1. You can see or smell mold inside the ducts.
  2. You think there are vermin (mice, insects, squirrels or what have you) living in the ducts.
  3. You’ve just moved into a newly-built home or just did a major renovation, since all kinds of dirt and debris can get into the ducts.

But even when you do have a perfectly good reason to get your ducts cleaned, you shouldn’t turn off your skepticism entirely. Because the task of choosing a decent duct cleaning contractor is harder than you’d think.

Reality is, there are a lot of really lousy duct cleaning companies roaming around here in Ontario. The situation has improved since the government cracked down on door-to-door salespeople and established do-not-call lists a few years ago, but it’s still not great.

As explained in a blog by a Brampton HVAC company, it isn’t that hard to get into duct cleaning business. Now that duct cleaning equipment is sold cheaply online, just about anyone can put on a pair of overalls and call themselves as a duct cleaner.

But it takes a lot more than a vacuum and a uniform to do the job right.

Thinking of hiring someone? Don’t sign the contract until they’ve answered these questions:

1. What Does a ‘Duct Cleaning’ Include?

According to the National Duct Cleaners Association or NADCA, a proper and thorough duct cleaning should include the entire HVAC system, not just the ductwork. Each component works together to circulate and filter your air, so if one part is left uncleaned, the rest will remain contaminated as well.

Make sure the contractor will clean:

  • Air duct system
  • Air conditioner coils
  • Air registers and grills
  • Air plenum
  • Furnace blower motor and assembly
  • Furnace heat exchanger
  • Air filter
  • Air cleaner

That’s the complete list. If something’s missing (or worse, the contractor isn’t familiar with one of those things) then you’re not getting the full duct treatment.

2. Can I Visit Your Office?

For legal purposes, you’ll want to make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate, serious HVAC company and not a solo contractor offering duct cleaning on the side. If something goes wrong (and things can go wrong, as well discuss later) you’ll be on better ground dealing with a company.

First, check the Canadian business directory to find out if the company’s legit. Next, look up the company’s address on Google Maps. If you can’t locate it (or the location seems fishy), ask the contractor if you can swing by the office yourself.

A company operating out of a PO box instead of a real office/shop is always a read flag.

3. What Equipment Do You Use?

The typical duct cleaning job will remove about five or six pounds of dust from your air ducts. That’s going to require a much bigger system than a Shop-Vac.

Most HVAC companies that do the job right use a specialized duct cleaning truck that is equipped with heavy-duty vacuum hoses. According to NADCA, portable vacuums are also acceptable if they are designed for duct cleaning specifically. Under no circumstances is a Shop-Vac acceptable.

4. Is Your Business Insured?

It’s important you deal with a contractor that has good insurance coverage. Why?

  • A vent cover could slip off during the cleaning and send dust and debris barrelling into your living space.
  • The heavy-duty vacuum hoses could slam against the walls and baseboards, resulting in drywall damage.
  • The ductwork could be damaged, allowing dust and debris into your crawlspace and creating air leaks.
  • Your air conditioner or furnace could be accidentally damaged.

Those are just a few of the (rare) ways a duct cleaning can go wrong. But if your contractor has proper insurance and is committed to help you clean up, you’ll be fine.

5. How Will You Protect My Home?

It’s not enough for the contractor to simply lay down a few carpets to keep their boots off your floors. A proper HVAC company should take extra precautions to keep your house safe and prevent the above calamities.

At minimum, the contractor should put up padding to protect your walls and baseboards (assuming they use a heavy-duty vacuum, which they should!).

The Bottom Line

Duct cleaning has its uses. It’s a great way to clear out your ventilation system following a major renovation and important if your ducts have been contaminated. Just make sure you’re getting the job done by a professional, or you could end up worse off than you started.

7 Tips To Make Your Holiday Travel Merrier

Thanksgiving and the last two weeks of December are commonly the busiest and most stressful occasions to travel. To get ready for another Christmas season and avoid a portion of that stress, here are the tips to make your travel as smooth as much as possible.

  1. Do your research

Make multiple plans if traveling home may be difficult. Is there a beautiful drive that may be longer but have less traffic? Separate a lengthy drive by finding a couple of spots to stop that will get the children more energized than a truck rest stop. When flying, ensure you check the carrier’s limitations early on carry-on bags and charges for check-in luggage.

  1. Travel on off-peak days

The best decision to travel is to leave before Thanksgiving Day and maintain a strategic distance from the record traffic the prior night. Same runs with flying. If you fly on the genuine occasion itself you’ll be maintaining a strategic distance from the long queues and accumulates of travelers.

  1. Travel early or late in the day

Flight insights demonstrate that planes traveling early in the day have a superior on-time execution. Furthermore, if your flight is dropped, you will have the alternative option of taking a flight later in the day. Additionally, there will be fewer lines at security. Best time to take off? When everyone else is sleeping — early morning or late during the evening. You can sleep when you touch base at your destination.

  1. Pack light

Abstain from over-packing if you can. When you are packing, ensure you have every one of your prescriptions, essential documentation and a set of undergarments in your carry-on in case your baggage gets lost.

  1. Try not to get hangry

At the point when your stomach snarls, your brain can’t think straight, and you could accidentally get in the wrong line, go astray, or get more awful and irritated. Pack snacks and beverages, so you and your family will be energized up for an excursion. In case you’re flying, unquestionably get some grub before you get onto the plane, so you won’t need to depend on aircraft nourishment in case you’re stuck on the landing area for quite a long time.

  1. Ship gifts or give gift vouchers

Ship your gifts early or just bring the gifts that are not complicated to pack or carry. Or you can just give gift vouchers to their most loved store or an Amazon card.

  1. Breathe in. Breathe out

The excessively friendly individual beside you on the plane, the canceled flights, the baggage that tumbled off amidst the thruway? Every last bit of it will make for incredible stories over supper when you at long last make it to your goal. All things must be take considered because traveling is stressful when you are not prepared.

Inspiration Through Paintings And Colours

wallHere at NB Yarns, we look for inspiration everywhere.  In paintings, drawings, books, films, and colours – there’s always somewhere to look to get inspired.  I remember the first time I learned how to knit.  I wanted to learn because I had seen a wall mural on the side of a building in the city and for some reason, I just needed to make that come alive.  Well, instead of painting a set and designing it, knitting was much easier, quicker, and more fun.  I learned to knit the different colours on the mural and eventually took up knitting for fun.  Those Toronto painters led me to have an amazing imagination and inspired me to do more arts and crafts such as drawing, painting, and  knitting.

You can be inspired anywhere, and you don’t have to be an amazing artist in order to produce art.  Art is completely objective and can be seen differently by everyone.  One painting might look like nothing to someone but be a complete inspiration to someone else.  Same with knitting – perhaps a tie dye scarf is something you would never wear but might be gorgeous to a friend or family member of yours.  It’s very hard to judge what can be described as “good” art because in my opinion, all art can be good.  It’s the passion behind it that is important.

I remember painting my new house and thinking maybe I could do something creative with the walls.  I hired House painters and they not only transformed my walls but also completely transformed my house.  I had a plain beige wall to begin with and they had transformed my house into a gorgeous cottage style home with just a few creative designs.  This just shows that through using art and paintings, you can find inspiration anywhere.

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